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Recycling service

Better disposal and sustainable recycling of rock wool

The disposal of stone wool can often present challenges: Individual coordination with local disposal companies can be time-consuming. The costs can also be high, as landfill options are limited. In addition, there are often knowledge gaps on the part of landfill operators with regard to the disposal of stone wool, meaning that acceptance conditions can vary from landfill to landfill.

Together with ROCKWOOL and Von Guttenberg, you have two strong partners at your side, offering you expert support and the ideal solution for better disposal with Rockcycle®.

Your advantages

Rockcycle® offers ecological, economic and logistical benefits to all parties involved:

  • By processing and recycling it into new rock wool insulation material, we reduce the burden on the environment.
  • At the same time, we save landfill space and reduce disposal costs.
  • Disposal is simple and construction sites remain clean.
  • We also minimise administrative costs and provide proof of disposal in the form of a transfer note.
  • With Rockcycle®, we also offer commercial processors a take-back service for construction site waste.

Disposal and recycling of stone wool offcuts

We collect the leftover ROCKWOOL stone wool construction waste directly from the construction site. In order to minimise CO2 emissions during transport, we return the construction site waste to our nearest ROCKWOOL plant in Neuburg for recycling.

There, the material is collected, processed and reintegrated into the production process — our contribution to a sustainable circular economy and the careful use of resources.

Cleanly collected: we ensure that the construction site waste is returned to ROCKWOOL with low emissions.
Turning old into new: recycling construction site waste into new stone wool at the ROCKWOOL plant in Neuburg.

This is how it works

What types of offcuts do we take back?

Rockcycle® is geared towards taking back “new” mineral wool that bears the RAL quality mark in Germany.

The disposal of “new” mineral wool (from 1996 onwards) can take place via building rubble and household waste landfill sites. However, the operators of such landfill sites are often unaware of this, which leads to confusing statements. This makes the disposal of construction waste considerably more difficult for you.

Legal framework conditions

New mineral wool RAL
From 1996
Offcuts maintenance
CLP Regulation (EU Regulation), Classification, Labelling and Packaging (Note)
GefStoffV Annex II; biopersistent fibres
Occupational health and safety
TRGS 500 Minimum measure for the protection of dusts (EURIMA recommendation for handling MW)
Not specified
Waste code

Planning and preparation

Start planning the disposal of ROCKWOOL rock wool at an early stage:

  • Estimate the expected amount of offcuts to determine the number of big bags required.
  • A helpful tip: use the big bag calculator from ROCKWOOL to help you with the estimation.
  • Plan the storage space for the offcuts on the construction site in advance.

Order the required big bags from us together with other insulation material. The ordered big bags are delivered directly to the construction site with the first delivery of insulation material.


To ensure smooth and clear transport, we only accept big bags from ROCKWOOL. These are available from us. When you purchase ROCKWOOL big bags, you automatically receive access to our free collection service.

„When you buy the big bags, you directly purchase the collection service. As a rule, there are no additional logistics costs.“


All relevant information is collected in a so-called return note, which you send back to us. This includes:

  • Notification of the desired collection date for the big bags, which you should record on the return slip.
  • The specification of a collection date as soon as possible (from five working days after ordering the collection).
  • We will take care of the removal of the rock wool offcuts and deliver them to the ROCKWOOL plant in Neuburg.
  • At the plant, the delivery is checked for varietal purity.

Please note: In the event of excessive contamination or lack of varietal purity, the delivered material will not be accepted and will be transported to the landfill site and disposed of there at the expense of the party responsible.

  • If required, we will issue you with a handover note for proper return to your construction file.
  • No additional costs will be incurred.
Get your hands on it: purchase big bags and benefit from the free collection service.
Clean into the future: Rockcycle® is the ideal solution for better disposal of construction site waste.

Interested in Rockcycle®? For detailed information about our joint recycling service, please contact us personally!