He was also the second-fastest and the second largest in Sam's pack. Despite this, Edward never feels any hatred towards Jacob, even when Jacob tricks Bella into kissing him and Bella realizes, after over a year of self denial, she has feelings for him as well. It is implied that Renesmee will "accept" Jacob as her mate when she is old enough since she loves him very much, but it is yet unknown whether this will happen. When Irina comes to Forks and mistakes Renesmee for an immortal child, she reports to the Volturi. Though taken back by the idea, Jacob agrees to think about it. Jacob convinces her that their job is to protect humans from vampires, and they would never intentionally harm anyone. 'Alpha' voiceLimited telepathy with other AlphasSuperior strength After the Volturi shamefully left, Bella is overjoyed and calls Renesmee, "Nessie" for the first time. Before the over-sized wolves chase him off, Laurent tells Bella that Victoria (also from Twilight) wants revenge on Edward for killing her mate, James, by killing his and make him experience the same pain that she felt, i.e. In Twilight, he is fifteen years old, and in New Moon, he phases into a wolf for the first time at the age of sixteen. Bloodline However, he reconsidered. Seconds after that, Bella's heart stops and Edward bites her to turn her into a vampire. During the night, Jacob asks Edward about his relationship with Bella and what it felt like to lose her. Billy and Jacob seem to be pretty close as they have lived alone together for a fairly long time. In addition, he is magnetically drawn to her, as demonstrated many times throughout the story. But when they looked into each other's eyes for the first time, he imprinted on her. A while after Jacob started his own pack, Embry leaves Sam's pack to join his, along with Quil. Family information Director Bill Condon comments that Taylor can understand his role and work into a whole new level of maturity. The Twilight series is primarily narrated from Bella's point of view. As werewolves are short-tempered, highly violent, and likely to explode into wolf form when angered, Jacob is initially forbidden by Sam to see Bella in order to protect her from him. When Jacob went to battle Victoria's army in Eclipse, he was constantly plagued by worries and later pain when his son returned with serious injuries. Days before the Volturi arrive, Bella plans for Jacob to run away with Renesmee to Rio de Janeiro, so that they may be saved from the upcoming slaughter. Later he grows it out to chin length in Eclipse because he thinks Bella prefers it longer. When Jacob imprints on Renesmee, however, his romantic yet painful feelings for Bella disappear, allowing them to put their issues behind them and keep her as a best friend. One day, the chief left his body in a hiding place to sweep through the valley in his spirit form, searching the area for anything that may pose a threat to the tribe. Height Jacob comes in the tent and stays in Bella's sleeping bag to warm her up with his abnormal body heat, much to Edward's chagrin. New Moon reveals that Jacob is one of an ancient line of Quileute werewolves. This has been displayed numerous times, as how Jacob was able to carry Bella 9 miles through a thick forest with ease. On the other hand, Rachel, Rebecca, and Jacob are not as close as the twins live out of town and rarely see their brother. Alice Cullen is a member of the Olympic coven. As they talk, Jacob tells Bella that he's going to kill himself because she doesn't love him. Jacob reminds Bella that he will always be there for her whenever she needs him. Jacob also mentioned in Breaking Dawn that it would take a van moving at high speed to break his bones. In New Moon, upon discovering his shape-shifter powers and joining the Quileute pack, he crops his long black hair short. Edward Cullen is Jacob's rival-turned-companion. The relationship between Jacob and Sam before they phased is unexplained, although they have known each other since childhood. During free time, he enjoys rebuilding automotive vehicles, hanging out with his friends, and playing with Renesmee. Sam refuses to do so, and Jacob goes on a solo mission, leaving his own home in the process. Emmett Cullen is a member of the Olympic coven. Jacob eventually declares his feelings for Bella, having already been Edward's rival for her love. Utlapa followed him … The extent of this regeneration is very powerful, to the point that Jacob comments that even a bullet through his temple wouldn't be enough to kill him. At home, he finds that Edward has sent him an invitation to the wedding. This allows Jacob to find her loving nature so appealing that he admits to himself that she reminds him of his own mother. She and Charlie spent a vast majority of their time in La Push during spring break. She already knows. When she asks him what is happening with him, he claims that he can't tell her, but leaves her a clue to what he and the rest of Sam's group is. Familymembers Affiliation Bella nearly died giving birth to the baby, who she named Renesmee. Jasper and Jacob's relationship had quite a dull beginning, as they were each other's natural enemies. In wolf form, he possesses supernatural speed, capable of running over 100 miles per hour. Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. With Jacob, Seth, and Leah gone, Sam decides to play the situation by ear and make his decision later. Jacob feels betrayed when an unborn Renesmee wins Edward over with her thoughts. 8 New Christmas Horror Movies (2010 or newer releases). When Jacob broke away from Sam's pack in Breaking Dawn, Seth is the first to run and join him, partly because he has befriended the Cullen family and wishes to help protect them. Heartbroken, Jacob runs away from home and tries to live as a wolf to escape his pain. Jacob proceeds to berate Rosalie with dumb blond jokes, though she counters with dog puns. A few days later, Edward hears the baby's mind for the first time, and he loves the unborn baby as it already loves Bella, leaving Jacob feeling betrayed and mad. Who in the right mind would like to wait for a girl to grow up to fall in love with her, right? In the morning, Bella wakes up and Jacob leaves the tent. Eclipse: In this book the werewolves reluctantly team up with Edward and the rest of his vampire family to defeat a small group of evil vampires that have come to town. Renesmee Cullen (imprintee)Billy Black (father)Sarah Black (mother) ♰Rachel Black (older sister)Rebecca Black (older sister)Ephraim Black (great-grandfather) He is one of two who dislike being wolf the most and wants nothing more than to be rid of his magical inheritance, but learns to adapt to the idea. However, both she and her editor liked Jacob so much that they decided to give him a larger role in the sequels to Twilight, making him a main character in New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Jacob's friend and former Alpha: Sam Uley. Biographical information He is the one who nicknames her "Nessie," saying to Bella that her full name is a mouthful. Bella, Renesmee, Edward, and Jacob at the end of Breaking Dawn. He also promises Edward that he'll kill him if Bella dies. In Breaking Dawn, when Bella became pregnant with Renesmee, Jacob was repulsed because he saw her baby as he saw Edward: a monster. Because Billy never encountered any vampires in his youthful years, he never became a wolf, and the power was passed on to his son. The kiss makes Bella realize that she has been lying to herself by saying that he was only her best friend, because she is in love with him too. Jacob comes to respect Carlisle after he sees his gentle and kind nature, which he also finds appealing. While Edward is annoyed by this, he understands that Jacob's imprinting is involuntary. Bella remembers the stories Jacob told her on First Beach, about the Quileutes being descended from wolves. Jacob ends the conversation to check up on Bella. Jacob still loves Bella, and rebels against Sam's authority as Alpha. Hair color This high body heat also allows them to survive in very hot weather, making it hard for their bodies to overheat. :-D lol. When she and Jasper left their family without as much as a goodbye, Jacob resents her choice to abandon her family, unaware that she was on a secret mission to save them. The newborn mangled all the bones on the right side of Jacob, before being destroyed by Sam. When Embry experienced the "change," he started to avoid them, and Quil worried for his sake. They are the mortal enemies of all vampires, including the Cullen family. Since Jacob loves Bella he wants to do whatever he can to keep her safe. He invites her to a Quileute council meeting, and she accepts. He is portrayed by Taylor Lautner in the movie adaptations. He's enraged that she will become a vampire after graduation, which is only a few weeks away. As a wolf, Jacob is about 10 feet in length, has russet brown fur, dark intelligent eyes, and is very swift. Their friendship continues to the point where she prefers to have him around than his pack mates. And when Jacob started changing too, he grew terrified that he might be next, which he admitted to Bella. He would go to any extent to protect those he loves most, most obvious in Breaking Dawn when he disbands from his pack and sacrifices everything to protect Bella. This is because he has now phased and is experiencing life in wolf form. Jacob then leaves to battle, promising that he will try and not get himself killed, but gets injured trying to save Leah Clearwater from a newborn vampire. Edward hears this and gives the keys of his Aston Martin Vanquish to Jacob so that Jacob might get away from them. Eclipse begins with Jacob still trying to keep a safe distance from Bella, who desperately tries to communicate with him. A while later, at a graduation party held at the Cullens' house that Jacob decides to attend, he gives her a charm bracelet with a carving of a wolf on it as a graduation present. They only come together when Victoria creates an army of newborn vampires to kill Bella and the Cullens, and decide to join forces to gain the upper hand in battle. However, he did not resent taking care of his dad; in fact, he enjoyed his father's company, though he refused to believe in his family legends and traditions. Jacob was initially very hostile towards Carlisle due to their different species, but after they came together to defend Bella from Victoria's newborn army, they learn to understand each other better. Jacob is upset by the whole conversation, though Bella manages to calm him down before he can try to attack Edward and before she and Edward leave. He also encourages Jacob to start a relationship with Bella, even after he found out Jacob had kissed her. Carlisle uses time to research Jacob and the other wolves, and discovers that they have 24 chromosome pairs. Jacob, as commented by Bella, begins to call Edward's name without a hint of bitterness. In Breaking Dawn, Jacob is mentioned to have been gone for almost two months now, and is trying to live the rest of his life as a wolf so he doesn't have to deal with the pain he is in. But later in Breaking Dawn he is rather neutral, becoming something remotely to friends with Edward when he was helping Edward with Renesmee's birth and Bella's survival during this giving of her daughter's birth as Edward respectfully asks him as the rightful Alpha of the Quileute Tribe for permission to turn Bella into a vampire. Bella begs him not to do so and offers to kiss him if he promises to come back, and Jacob agrees. One week later, she visits him at his home, and he tells her off, saying that he now knows about the Cullens being vampires. Edward comments that he has one of the "purest, kindest and sincerest minds" he's ever heard, and that Jacob is lucky to have him, to which he doesn't disagree. Jacob has a powerful regenerative healing factor. Bella. However, their job ended when the Cullens move back to town. A werewolf cannot control the outcome of imprinting. I'm honestly surprised there's still people here. Because he finds it hard to be away from her, he visits the Cullens every day to play with her, though he would argue with Rosalie about whose turn it is to feed her. He spent hours working to improve his body, overall gaining thirty pounds of muscle, and also read the books in order to prepare himself for the role in the sequels. Species At the end of Breaking Dawn, Edward states he would like to see Jacob to compete with Nahuel for Renesmee because Nahuel took interest in Renesmee as them both being half-human/half-vampire hybrids.