The root directory of the hierarchy serves as the document root for the web application. Client side files like CSS and Javascript. Although the Servlet specification does not require servlet containers to support a hierarchical structure, it recommends that they do so, and most, if not all, comply with this recommendation. A web application typically consists of a structured hierarchy of directories. Tomcat server is a free open source web application server, which belongs to lightweight application server. This directory most often contains any third party libraries that your application is using. Java App Servers; Linux; Apache Web Server; 3 Comments. The webapps directory is where deployed applications reside in Tomcat. In any web application we can have following components – Static contents like HTML. To work when deployed to a Tomcat server, compiled Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) web application archives (WAR files) must be structured according to certain guidelines.Your project directory doesn't have to meet the same standards, but it's a good idea to structure it in the same way to simplify compiling and packaging. The directory structure of a webapp is as follows: "ContextRoot": contains the resources that are visible and accessible by the web clients, such as HTML, CSS, Scripts and images. Directory structure of Tomcat are bin - contain startup, shutdown, and other scripts (*.sh for UNIX and *.bat for Windows systems) and some jar files also there. 2,006 Views. To give you the big picture, in the steps below, you will use Eclipse to create the following directory structure and files. Tomcat WebApps Folder Structure. Webapp's Directory Structure. 1 Solution. This examples Tomcat "webapps" directory is located at: C:\Tomcat\Tomcat6.0\webapps Last Modified: 2013-12-02. 6.2 Web Application Directory Structure. JSP (Java Server Pages) to generate dynamic content. The URL of a webapp, by default, is the same as the base directory name (or context root) of the webapp. Tomcat will then install it automatically and deploy the … lib folder : The lib directory contains all JAR files used by your web application. Deploy a new web application either by uploading a WAR file or supplying a directory on the server. The most important file in here is … The webapps directory is the default deployment location, but this can be configured with the appBase attribute on the element. In Tomcat, we have to move the war file to the CATALINA_BASE/webapps directory. conf - Server configuration files (including server.xml) and related DTDs. Undeploy an individual application. Explain directory structure of Tomcat? Servlets. It is the first choice for developing and debugging JSP programs. It is necessary to understand the Tomcat directory structure. directory structure […] In this chapter we will discuss the typical directory structure of a web application and its deployment. The classes should be located in a directory structure matching their package structure. yehiaeg asked on 2010-01-25. The sample TomCat application we will be using for this exercise is included in a git repository so that you can run through this tutorial easily. It is widely used in small and medium-sized systems and where there are not many concurrent users.