The Angel Wings Senecio cannot survive the winter outdoors here but can overwinter in your house. Of course, ‘Angel Wings’ is much … Senecio ‘Angel Wings’ has very few comparisons; perhaps Stachys byzantina (Lambs Ears) would be the nearest match, with its silver downy leaves. It gets to be about 16 inches tall and wide. Senecio candicans Angel Wings® ... Angel . Senecio 'Angel Wings'. You won’t be able to resist touching the long, broad velvety leaves of dazzling matte silver with toothy edges. I knew the moment that I saw this plant that I wanted it as a tribute to a grandson who passed. Scientific Name. Easy to grow and with gorgeous, striking color, Angel Wings … Scientific Classification. The Angel Wings prefer to be in full sun and … Senecio candicans Angel Wings is a traffic-stopping new tender perennial presented by Emerald Coast Growers. Synonyms. Rating Content; Neutral: On Apr 25, 2020, Kell from Northern California, CA (Zone 9b) wrote: Per San Marcos Growers: "Senecio candidans Angel Wings ['Senaw'] PP28,830 (Angel Wings Sea … Bought it locally here in … Senecio candicans 'Angel Wings' is a striking Senecio … Family: Asteraceae Subfamily: Asteroideae Tribe: Senecioneae Subtribe: Senecioninae Genus: Senecio Description. Senecio candicans 'Angel Wings'. Carol Howe from Wisconsin .