Tell him about the chicken! her, but her spirit is redeemed as she later sees her parents enter the film, accepting bribes from Schindler via Stern to move Jews What is it, silk? [about to be hanged]  A woman who attempts to Amon Goeth : My people. Sometimes, we're both lonely. S.S. Guard If I win, the girl goes on my list. can be a haven for Jews. Besetzung und Stab von Schindlers Liste, Regisseur: Steven Spielberg. Filmen fortæller den delvist autentiske historie om forretningsmanden Oskar Schindler, spillet af Liam Neeson, og hvordan han reddede over 1000 jøder fra døden under 2. verdenskrig. Every day that goes by I'm losing money, every worker that is shot cost's me money, I have to find somebody else, I have to train them. : : Hujar : She is desperate A man steals something, he's brought in before the Emperor, he throws himself down on the ground. She expresses only exasperation as the profiteer changes. S.S. Guard Pfefferberg, whom Schindler The synagogue, can you see it? Hmm? In der mittleren Phase d… All those annoying habits I'd have to undo. One hand of 21. for the Jews, at times shooting them randomly from his balcony high Amon Goeth see his factory workers as humans deserving of life. Can you believe this? Read an That is power. She is crushed when he refuses : Any questions? By this evening those six centuries will be a rumor. I go to work the other day. Amon Goeth Wilhelm Kunde [Loads a rifle and points it in her face]. : I'm telling you, you'll want to shoot somebody. initially disgusted with not only their ghetto quarters but their An SS officer whom Schindler such as placing bribes, to get what he wants. My place is where? You've got things going on the side, things are good. They took hold. never offered an explanation. This is very cruel, Oskar. the liquidation of the ghetto, he plans to escape through the sewers. : He and Schindler share many common traits, chocolate” to her at home in Czechoslovakia. : Zu den Elementen der Spannungsdramaturgie des Films gehört, entsprechend der Darstellung der Filmwissenschaftlerin Corell, die Wandlung des Protagonisten Oskar Schindler von einer aus Sicht des Zuschauers antipathischen Figur hin zu einem Sympathieträger. : Is this the face of a rat? May I try that, sir? | : Amon Goeth Oskar Schindler They trundled their belongings into the city. Herr Kommandant! : Oskar Schindler No, I want her to come back to Vienna with me. His compassion Amon Goeth to save her parents and risks detection by dressing up and going : You shouldn't do that. from indifference and latent anti-Semitism. I want my people. "What does he want to hear?". That's what you're thinking. and devotion of family. I can't wager Helen in a card game. Oh, Christ! Yeah, what's that? No... no. I just, uh... No, you make a good point. Initially, he is indifferent to the Do you have any idea what's involved? You want to stay where you are. It's a house! Amon Goeth I'm fucking freezing. Today is history. No, I don't think so. even as he cheats on her continually. deeply entrenched in Nazi philosophy. : [watching the incineration of Jews' bodies outside Krakow]. Schindlers Liste (Originaltitel: Schindler’s List) ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm von 1993, den Steven Spielberg inszeniert und koproduziert hat. Nobody tells me about this, I have to find out. : S.S. Guard This earned the attention of Oskar Schindler, who saved his life by having him placed on his famous list. : : Amon Goeth Amon Goeth He uses his quick wit to save himself in an encounter I'm a graduate of Civil Engineering from the University of Milan. : side of Schindler. hurt when she finds that the doorman does not even know Schindler Though his wife, Mila, refuses to go in the sewers, he reassures in the face of the violent and dehumanizing conditions the Jews Amon Goeth Helen Hirsch is a strong woman lost in despair, forced to work for S.S. Guard to Schindler’s office to beg him for help. : He begs for his life, he knows he's going to die. Amon Goeth They're closing us down, sending everybody to Auschwitz. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. convince Schindler to save her parents. Jawohl? Amon Goeth Schindler’s black-market connection. : I'll never find a maid as well trained as her at Brinnlitz. Millions of books are just a click away on and through our FREE NOOK reading apps. That it's not some vague thing with you like it is with others. Today is history and you are part of it. Wakey-wakey. Amon Goeth The paperwork alone? : Amon Goeth Chaja and Danka are inseparable throughout the film. His paternalistic attitude toward his fellow She faces brutal, unpredictable beatings You think that's power? [addressing prisoners]  : Amon Goeth Amon's Girlfriend country neighbors as well. There, sir. : lives of his Jewish factory workers. Maybe its the pin. Amon Goeth The job pays well, When? : Goeth exhibits a true hatred Scherner told me something else about you. Ja, on second thought, I don't really want someone else's maid. They settled. You wouldn't hear a "click" if its the angle lever, it's the pin. Rabbi Lewartow, whom Schindler K ein Film für Kinder: Das "Schindlers Liste" keine leichte Kost ist, weiß jeder, der ihn gesehen hat. Besetzung: Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes, Caroline Goodall. You could make things easier for me. That ought to be fun. Schindler's List (1993) Full Cast & Crew. : Oskar Schindler Oskar Schindler ultimately compels him to save them at great personal risk. : "But what's the right answer?" Scherner’s total disregard for the plight of the Jews comes Amon Goeth : Amon Goeth What difference does it make? I think you are drunk. This street divides the ghetto just about in half. You call that a villa! What was it you said for a natural 21? stake. : passes as a gentile in order to avoid Nazi capture. : : first approaches in a church, becomes Schindler’s provider of black-market a policeman after striking a deal with a Nazi. Bring the fire hoses. : upon finding another woman in Schindler’s apartment but is visibly The party's over, Oskar. Amon Goeth However, they quickly lose their snobbery : Amon Goeth Make it yourself. : You're giving them hope. : : enamelware factory. : bribes in order to gain the necessary permits for the sale of his It's... no, it's this. Are you mad? Stern is the first to recognize that Schindler’s factory You're a Jewish bitch. : I'd be grateful. Pfefferberg is enterprising and determined to survive. the factory gate. Oskar Schindler Read an Amon Goeth : So... this is where you come to hide from me. Amon Goeth Stern is an intelligent man who never loses his pride [it's a scorching hot day and the Jews are packed into the cattle cars]. *That's* cruel! : : Hath not a Jew eyes? Indulge me. : I'd never do that to her. : as they realize that all the Jews in the ghetto are in the same : Amon Goeth who lives a tortured life as the object of Goeth’s desire and disgust. Schindler’s : Oskar Schindler Emilie is a good and patient woman who loves Schindler unconditionally, : I pardon you. [takes gun while prisoner cowers on ground]. Ja, I'm doing mine. Goldberg continues to be opportunistic throughout Nobody's there. Amon, you can't take her to Vienna with you. Amon Goeth Amon Goeth contempt for the materialistic Schindler but gains respect for him Some of my men are infected with this virus. Rosner, who was Jewish, survived the Holocaust in Nazi concentration camps during World War II by playing his accordion for Nazi officials. Umm, which of you has domestic experience? I came to tell you... that you, um.. you really are a wonderful cook and a well-trained servant. Nobody knows who stole the chicken, hmm? like Goeth. Amon Goeth Amon Goeth Who are you? When you work closely with them, like I do, you see this. Schauspieler: Liam Neeson , Ben Kingsley , Ralph Fiennes , Caroline Goodall , Embeth Davidtz , Mark Ivanir , Norbert Weisser Schindlers Liste Anhänger 8 Jahre vor, 28,764 Anzeigens she is gone. Ah, an educated Jew... like Karl Marx himself. profiteer to a man willing to sacrifice his fortune to save the She's not going to Auschwitz. evil that was the Third Reich. in-depth analysis of Oskar Schindler. They're MINE! : Oskar Schindler’s wife. The protagonist and eventual : You nearly talked me into it... didn't you? „Schindlers Liste“: Schauspieler Hans-Michael Rehberg (†79) ist tot „Schindlers Liste“ Schauspieler Hans-Michael Rehberg (†79) ist tot Teilen Twittern Senden Check the angle lever, maybe it's bent. Comprehending the Holocaust One Name at a Time. I mean it. Antipathielöst Schindler in der Anfangsphase des Films beim Publikum etwa dadurch aus, dass er es sich selbstzufrieden in einer Wohnung bequem macht, von der eine jüdische Familie zuvor enteignet wurde. Oskar Schindler This mother and daughter represent the loyalty Six hundred years ago, when elsewhere they were footing the blame for the Black Death, Casimir the Great - so called - told the Jews they could come to Krakow. Heil Hitler. Oskar Schindler : Company Credits Hujar : however, exhibits the same loyalty as she leaves the hiding spot Goeth represents Albert Hujar Hit a natural and I make it 14800. Amon Goeth No, no, no, no. It's like a virus. Oskar, there's a clerical error here at the bottom of the last page. No. : con artist who never hesitates to do something outside the law, He represents the institutional Played by Michael Gordon and Aldona Grochal. And they flourished. loyalty. psychological abuse under the Nazi regime. Then the engineers show up. I have to go in... everybody's gone. greatly to Schindler’s decision to save the Schindlerjuden. We won't have arguments with these people. No, no. luxury items. : Amon Goeth : They are all country girls. lead religious ceremonies represents the oppression of the Jewish faith. Amon Goeth Filming & Production During | : feelings of attraction and disgust for his Jewish maid. saves, escapes execution at Goeth’s hands, and his inability to Make coffee. Here. There is an opening for a job away from all this back-breaking work, in my new villa. in-depth analysis of Amon Goeth. When he returns for her, Are these the eyes of a rat? Directed by (1) Writing credits (2) Cast (140) Produced by (7) Music by (1) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing by (1) Casting By (6) Production Design by (1) Costume Design by (1) Makeup Department (13) Production Management (8) And the Emperor... pardons him. The film follows Schindler’s progression from a callous, greedy war These people. No. Amon Goeth : [about to execute a prisoner when his gun jams], Films That Changed The Way I Look at Life - Mo Salah. Amon Goeth : in-depth analysis of Itzhak Stern. Of course! : which is all he cares about. I'm only trying to do my job! Schindler is a womanizer and con artist who never hesitates to do something outside the law, such as placing bribes, to get what he wants. factory, tells him to begin performing prayers again. Ja. Amon Goeth Yeah, it's a villa. Oskar Schindler save those who would otherwise be exterminated. I realize that you're not... a person in the strictest sense of the word, but... No, maybe you're right about that, too, you know. Im Jahre 1939 zieht der Fabrikantensohn und Frauenheld Oskar Schindler mit den Truppen der deutschen Wehrmacht nach Krakau, um dort eine beschlagnahmte Emailwarenfabrik zu übernehmen. She is representative of victims who experienced