This return to form is already proving to be an amazing accomplishment on PC, but the game is still nowhere to be found on Xbox consoles, despite earlier promises when the game was initially revealed. I found it to be most compelling as a preview of a new kind of digital experience. Aerosoft, a German developer and publisher of simulation software, announced in July 2020 that they have a partnership with Microsoft to release a physical version in Europe. Afterwards, graphic artists can further go in and embellish specific locations with even more detail with photogrammetrically captured materials and textures. But from everything we do know, it would truly be a shock if it did not. The next games that were there—I didn't know if the PC community was going to be watching or not, but we went Flight Sim, we went Age, we went Wasteland—I wanted people to know that we want to make sure we're building games and supporting games that respect what the PC community loves." [28], Third-party aircraft will also be supported within the simulator, being directly purchased from the in-game marketplace. Just like with release date information, we can't confirm exactly how Microsoft Flight Simulator will be priced on Xbox consoles, but we can surmise it'll be very close or exactly the same as the PC release. [14] Because of this technology, smokes from the 2020 West Coast fires can be seen through the game. [41][42][43] Technology was also incorporated from Microsoft's discontinued Photosynth project, which generates 3D models from 2D photos.[44]. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is the next generation of one of the most beloved simulation franchises. "[52], According to Paul Sillers, writing for CNN, Flight Simulator might be "the safest way to travel" during the COVID-19 pandemic, and due to global economic conditions in the wake of COVID-19, is currently being used by furloughed pilots to keep their skills fresh. That being said, continue to take this with a grain of salt or two until the moment Microsoft confirms this for themselves. That means access to hundreds of games, with more added all the time, for a single monthly subscription cost. [24] Microsoft Flight Simulator (colloquially known as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020)[note 1] is a flight simulator developed by Asobo Studio and published by Xbox Game Studios. With Microsoft's aversion to sharing information about the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to receive much the same amount of info here, but that isn't the case! "[68], Some also reported inaccuracies in rendering buildings such as the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. and Buckingham Palace in London, in which its monuments have been misrendered as a skyscraper and an office block respectively. [30][31], Flight Simulator includes around 37,000 manually edited airports from around the world based on real-world satellite images,[32] with the standard, deluxe, and premium edition respectively also including 30, 35, or 40 highly detailed "hand-crafted replicas" of their real-world counterparts. However, the actual simulator software and patches are downloaded during installation; therefore, the game is not playable out of the box. And he’s like, ‘Is this real time? [69] Some also discovered that the system is unable to render palm trees, making them into obelisks "jutting forth from the pavement like so many teeth." Save big on Echo, Fire TV, and more at Amazon right now. The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, is a more affordable next-gen console that matches the Xbox Series X in several key ways, but most compromises on GPU, or graphical, capabilities. As Microsoft Flight Simulator is very GPU intensive, this means the Xbox Series S will likely play Microsoft Flight Simulator at lower resolutions or visual fidelity than its much more powerful bigger sibling. [11] Skyscrapers cast shadows over each other that darken as the player reaches street level and cities will disperse light at night that radiates the sky. That means access to Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC, day one, as well as the future Xbox release when it arrives. [25] It also allows the player to scout, "chase" and interact with real-world storms as they occur in real time. I would like to receive mail from Future partners. Clouds are volumetrically modelled, with 32 layers determining shape, density, and “fuzziness”. 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They soon followed th… Neumann also met with the Swiss company Meteoblue in order to incorporate realistic, real-time and worldwide weather data into the product. However, criticism also arose for its loading times and some inaccurate rendering of landmarks. Flight Simulator features various animal species that can even be viewed at ground level, including birds, elephants, giraffes and bears. [12] Cloud technology is also used to calculate things such as the way air flows around natural structures such as mountains to cause pockets of turbulence, or stream in air traffic, time of day and weather from the real world. Some players received the alpha version as part of the game's Insider program. [20], Flight Simulator populates the world with animals and roads with vehicles, water flows realistically based on wind direction, grass has individual grass blades and trees have individual leaves, creating the illusion of a living world. In the meantime, we know it's still coming, we just don't know when. Flight Simulator features multiple terabytes of texture and height map data. Some people choose that as a career, and we do hope to inspire this new generation. This is awesome information, and should greatly aid potential buyers when considering which version to buy, as it'll still be available on consoles. Another big question regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox is whether or not the difficult port to gaming hardware dating back to 2013 would hold back the PC version's glory, which is completely understandable. With how graphically impressive Microsoft Flight Simulator is on PC, it's inevitable that there will be certain concessions to get the game to run on Xbox hardware, including reduced graphics, simplified control schemes that can be mapped to a controller, and possibly lower framerates. [28] Most of the aircraft are of United States, French, or German origin, with a few coming from Austrian, Czech and Slovenian companies. What's going on with Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox? According to Spencer: "Sarah Bond, who's our head of global partnerships, came out, did the Game Pass work with the indie montage and all those games that were coming to Game Pass, then announced Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. We're excited about making a sim, and if we can help with the pilot crisis in some shape or form -- we'll try when the time is right. [49] The Premium Deluxe edition also comes with an artbook. This incredibly ambitious title combines the power of modern gaming PC's with Microsoft's Azure cloud technology and two petabytes of worldy information to create a gorgeous, realistic depiction of our planet. Airports included starting from the deluxe version include those from the US, Europe, and Africa, while those exclusively for the Premium Deluxe version include the Heathrow and Dubai Airport, as well as those from the US and Europe. [26], Despite the scenic feature, Flight Simulator has several third-party scenery packs purchasable from the in-game marketplace, many of which were London sceneries. Microsoft Flight Simulator is already an extremely ambitious project, even with the added power of modern gaming PC's, so getting it to run on even the original Xbox One, released back in 2013, will likely take time to optimize properly. The game's reflection system also at times utilizes ray-marching by retranslating voxels. Sign up now to get the latest news, deals & more from Windows Central! This really is a phenomenal thing. [6] Flight Simulator features a 600-kilometre (370 mi) draw distance and allows the player to see storms hundreds of miles away, with lightning cracking inside of clouds. [34] It is the first major entry in the series since 2006's Flight Simulator X, following a long period of uncertainty over the future of the series after the closure of Aces Game Studio in 2009. Is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the best value in all of gaming? And you can fly anywhere, at any time. However, Microsoft Flight Simulator is almost certainly going to arrive on the powerful next-gen Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which usher in a new era of console gaming with advanced features and hardware. Keep in mind, there's always a small chance that Microsoft Flight Simulator will also never come to Xbox One consoles, and will be exclusive to the more powerful and modern Xbox Series X|S, simply due to how graphically intensive this ambitious title is. However, the team's contents allude to Microsoft Flight Simulator's optimizations across hardware, meaning the game could scale from Xbox One / S, to One X, and finally to the Xbox Series X|S with increased performance and visual fidelity at each level. As of now, Microsoft hasn't said much about the release date for the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and that includes whether or not it'll come to Xbox Game Pass. Slightly unrelated, a very clever person discovered that Microsoft may have been testing VR for the Xbox Series X|S in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is an incredibly cool tidbit of information. An example used at E3 2019 was that if it was raining somewhere in real life, it would be raining in-game. Notable confirmed third-party aircraft include the Concorde, developed by DC designs. [47] While it is released on the PC, the date for launch on the Xbox family of consoles is awaited. Exactly how the Xbox Series X will showcase Microsoft Flight Simulator is unknown, but it's a pretty safe assumption it'll look and play incredible. [28], – Jörg Neumann on presenting an early build of Flight Simulator to Xbox head Phil Spencer[33], Flight Simulator was announced at E3 2019 on June 9, 2019. In an official FAQ, Microsoft confirmed that their upcoming flight sim is in fact an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning if you buy it now on PC, you will be able to play it on consoles when it eventually releases. With Microsoft Flight Simulator representing the pinnacle of visuals and technical feats from Microsoft, and the Xbox Series X representing the latest generation of power and gaming features, it's almost guaranteed that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be able to take full advantage. As with digital versions, after installation the game does not require an active internet connection and can be played offline; additionally, more details for the world, better ground imagery, as well as real-world weather and air traffic data can optionally be streamed from Microsoft's servers. Aircraft included starting from the Deluxe version include those manufactured by Diamond Aircraft , Cirrus Aircraft, and Textron Aviation Inc., while aircraft exclusively for the Premium Deluxe version include the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and the Cessna Citation Longitude, as well as several general aviation aircraft. [21] The game world includes over 2 million cities and towns,[22] 1.5 billion buildings, 2 trillion trees, and 37,000 real-world airports. Ultimate bundles your Xbox Live Gold subscription with an Xbox Game Pass subscription for both Xbox consoles and Windows PC's. Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next generation of one of the most beloved simulation franchises. [38], The franchise's return after a 14-year absence is partially credited to the business model of Xbox Game Pass allowing for a wider variety and diversity of games. [jargon] An offline procedural generation AI then reads these textures based on their own parameters and properly populates terrain with materials, roads, buildings, bushes, trees and more based on brush set assets the developers have made. From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world. If you're curious, you can check out how the various editions are priced for PC below, or make sure your Xbox Game Pass subscription is renewed so you can jump in and start flying as soon as possible. [jargon][8] Flight Simulator converts 3D scans of the environment into the game world. In a CNN report on the franchise's history with the flight simming community and current real-world pilots, Neumann stated: "First and foremost we're making a product for simmers. Not only that, Microsoft Flight Simulator should also come to Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox consoles, so players who are subscribed will be able to play the standard edition the moment that it comes out, which is fantastic.