Thanks for the guide! In this case I took one look at the mud and having heard from other hikers and blogs not to go past the summit for a variety of reasons we headed back on down the same way we came out. The fog was really rolling in now after we were two-thirds of the way up the trail. El Pianista Trail is one of the moodiest cloud forests I have ever adventured into. There is a sign out the front of a small housing complex that states the regulations and such of El Pianista Trail. No one is trying to play into any murder-drama, and calling it that when you have a lot of people who are seeing the red flags, is very alarming. There was no sign of the girls until a few weeks later. You can already see the clouds hugging the summit of the mountain. It’s obvious that you are a disinfo-agent paid by Panama’s tourist industry to cover up the lethality of the country…, Many thanks for the photos, and the insight…this post has been very edifying…. Some trails or park services may be closed this weekend so check with local authorities before heading out. Keep walking! The only reason, he was watching you as a predator. El pianista hike Wandern Trail in Palo Alto, Chiriquí (Republic of Panama). Once we reached the stream it was such a magical little spot. There are huge holes in the story of what happened and how the investigation unfolded. Help keep our trails and parks open during COVID-19 by committing to social distancing. Download its GPS track and follow the itinerary on a map. The trail gets knee-deep in mud very quickly and can be a treacherous area. If you only saw one person on the trail, then that’s because there is something dangerous about the trail that others know, and safely avoid. There is now a memorial for the girls at the top of the summit. However, due to the little information I have, the most likely hypothesis is that there was an accident after getting lost, although some doubts remain. Congratulations, the only sensible comment about the two girls who disappeared. Ladies, I know this sounds antiquated and sexist, but take it from someone who has lived in a place like this in C. America. . It’s possible the girls Kris and Lisanne where his prey in 2014, exactly on that spot! Here is someone who has though, and in depth if you take the time to read all the work he has done, including referencing Jackson’s blog and photos. Strange that you make fun of the tragic accident of the two dutch students. It was a truly immersive hike and being in the cloud forest was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Simply head to the IL Pianista restaurant and the hiking trailhead is another 50 yards down the road to the left as you can see on the map at the bottom of this blog post where the trail is marked with a green dotted line next to IL Pianista restaurant. This was the final result from this epic little location. Aix-en-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge, 2020 AllTrails, LLC Alle Rechte vorbehalten. El Pianista Trail is a 4.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Boquete District, Chiriquí, Panama that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. I hope my travels give you the motivation to set off on an epic adventure of your own. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. As moças sozinhas em um País desconhecido, tirando fotos com todos, como se todos fossem bonzinhos, isso não funciona, temos que ser simpáticos, agradáveis, porém, desconfiados. 6. Thank you also for not feeding more speculations regarding those poor girls. Also, IF the other person any of us encounter on any trail moved away from us quickly, could not another explanation be that they want to get away from us quickly themselves because they fear us, or just wnat to get to the other end of the trail? It is unbelievable the naivety of certain tourists who act as if they are in their own country, dressing in the most inappropriate way possible; in the city nothing will happen to them, but just get a little bit away from the civilization that the picture completely changes. This place seems so magical. It could be a predator we dont know of and not from this world. If your gut instinct ever says something is wrong, listen and act on it. Er führt durch schönen Wald, vorbei an herrlichen Aussichtspunkten und es gibt oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. Don’t stop to talk if they stop you to ask a question. There were three of us so it was more convenient to grab a taxi. I don’t think I will venture out to Panama, though my travels have taken me in other remote and often dangerous places, but something about this place seems a little “simple” yet strange, maybe that’s the intrigue. Glad you and your friends made it through the trail and back safely. Depending on the weather you can have a good view or just be in clouds the entire hike. I wanted to know more about El Pianista. Sobald es nass ist besteht der Weg nur noch aus Schlamm. Der Weg ist angelegt, um Vieh vom Stall aufs Land zu treiben. If you do stop, make sure you note everything you can about the person. It’s quite remarkable and at times it was above head height, which is a strange feeling hiking beneath the surface of the earth. He was definitely eyeing you like a predator would and he seemed way too comfortable. Here you will begin the ascent of more than 2000 feet over the next three kilometers. It’s foulish, most of the locals knows what happened, but do not want to talk about it. Wear long shorts if you must, or workout shorts. Very enjoyable read with awesome photographs and fabulous Greenery,many thanks.. 1. Your photos are breathtaking and gives me a better visual of what the two girls saw. Já existiram turistas no Brasil, que foram mortos, por nada, ou melhor foram assaltados, ou entraram em discussão. Your email address will not be published. Nobody was on the trail till we reached the small juction. Looked like he inside of a giant sock for sure. Enough with the photoshoots, it was on with the hike and as we ascended higher and higher the mood and the atmosphere began to change. The trail is just 4km out of Boquete town and is a 3-4 hour out and back trail with more than 2000 feet of elevation. I’ve got some questions about this trail, esspecially about the local you met and about the first part, from the Pianista restaurant to the forrest. I never made any comments about what I think happened. Europeans are the most likely tourists to fall into these traps due to the strongly leftist education in EU schools that instilled in their heads that all people are equal and good and the most needy should be helped – both were on a voluntary work trip! You are clearly reality-poor, and that goes some way to demonstrate why your thinking is irrational…I mean, you seriously think someone taking a photo of some ne’er-do-well is going to protect them? The conclusion from local police was that it was a hiking accident. Considering you weren’t there you are making a lot of claims. Some of the emails and questions I’ve been sent purely from just walking along the trail are bizarre. Enfim, andar em grupo também super funciona, como moças andam por lugares que não conhecem, nunca foram no Panamá, também a senhora que elas(as moças) estavam hospedadas deveria no mesmo dia falar com a polícia, mesmo as moças não sendo nada dela, eu se alguém fica na minha casa e deveria voltar por volta das 16:00 horas e o cachorro voltou sozinha e as moças não voltaram, falaria com a polícia imediatamente, é isso, lamento tudo, porém fica a dica do Seth. An alternative is to catch a local taxi. The girls’ backpack was found 8 weeks later, bones including a foot still inside a boot were also found weeks later. 2 girls murdeded in that foreset and you go in it? It doesn’t take that much to take down two girls. I just did the hike, there was nothing suspicious that occurred. Your story was very helpful to find our way. No entanto, realmente concordo com o Seth. It is not necessary to be in a jungle. I would be willing to bet anything that they escaped temporarily, took pictures to try to leave for evidence figuring they’d probably be caught, were recaptured, raped and killed. Nobody knows the full story but it was certainly a botched job by the Panamanian officials and that is the part that will keep this case a mystery unless someone comes forward to explain what happened. The Ngobe tribe were the people to discover the backpack and would have been the first contact for the girls had they come into trouble and looking for a way out according to the reports. He was the only person we saw all day on the trail. Below this map are some other photos from our time on El Pianista Trail. 4. Une randonnée dans la jungle qu'on se souviendra toute notre vie ! As a traveler and adventurer, seeing this trail, I say with conviction that it was a completely reckless and extremely dangerous attitude for these girls to have ventured without a male companion. I like the photographs of the vegetation, especially the unique flowers. Er führt durch schönen Wald, vorbei an herrlichen Aussichtspunkten und es gibt oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. It should about 4.2kms to the top according to our tracking as it was an 8.4km return trip. Hi Seth, It is a murder drama. If I’d walked this trail, or any similar trail, with the conditions as you described, I would have been disappointed by the lack of a good view at the peak, as I often am…all that effort for nothing LOL. I’d love to try it out some time on my own travels. Okay, I have to admit that I feel better. 5. By the way … the accident happened downhill past the summit of the pianista. However, some locals and sources think there was a third person involved and the girls were met with foul-play out in the jungle. They have never even been to Panama or know the girls. Rain droplets falling to the ground from every leaf and branch while mist floats through dramatically. It actually says no hiking, which is strange but maybe it is outdated. If it helps someone else you have to cross two small bridges very early on. On El Pianista you enjoy the trail and have a quick break at the viewpoint before getting back into the trail. The trail is considered safe now but it is suggested to stop at the summit. Não devemos confiar em ninguém e ao mesmo tempo não demonstrar isso, ser sábios. I enjoyed the early parts of this hike with the beautiful hills on either side and the sounds of the river cascades to the right. Take the case of the two teenagers murdered on the Monon High Bridge Trail in Indiana in 2017; they were very close to home, but on a deserted trail in the woods. Josh is on the right trail going in the correct direction, heading down towards the stream. Women should not be unaccompanied by male companions in remote places anywhere in the world. I wish folks could let them Rest In Peace and stop with all the violent rhetoric… Let there be light. Today, August 17, 2018 we did the hike to the summit. Há culturas, maneiras de agir, manias dos povos de cada lugar. I had a girlfriend years ago who often said of me that I just rushed to the destination and missed a lot of things…it kind of just clicked…. 2. It is not a sexist attitude, but one of indispensable prevention if you want to return home alive. The trail to the left goes uphill and the train to the right goes downhill towards the stream, which you can hear. As moças são vítimas, sinto muitíssimo por tudo, principalmente pela a família delas. Unlike the hikes in the Bajo Mono area, El Pianista trailhead is much closer to town and very easy to find. Look, you can believe me or not, but as firstly a guy, and secondly someone with some psychic sensitivities, that’s a bad dude. El Pianista Trail ist ein 4.9 Meilen langer, wenig besuchter Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Boquete District, Chiriquí, Panama. They’re generally ruthless and indiscriminate when it comes to victims or violence. The public bus cost us 70 cents per person and the taxi cost us $4. The trail begins at the Il Pianista Ristorante (outstanding Italian food, BTW) in the Alto Lino area just north of Boquete. It has definitely become a murder drama and that is clearly evident from the obsession many people not even from Panama or Holland have with the case. Half is in an open valley and half is in the rain forest. The simplest explanation is usually the correct explanation. Hope to read more. That fork in the trail is interesting and almost as eerie as you described in. There was no entrance fee for El Pianista Trail as of 2018. I was especially struck by your comments about rainforest…like most folks when I travel to a peak I am looking forward to the view from the top…however, you’ve opened my eyes a little. Could the writer of this journey please contact met at marjawestboeken{at} There are signs that say no hiking, but no one will stop you. Basically you think any farmer in Boquete is now a murderer. To get to the IL Pianista restaurant you can either catch the ‘Colectivo’, which will come through the main street. No one is trying to ruin your trip or saying stop traveling. El Pianista Trail fast became my favorite jungle adventure in Boquete with its narrow canyon-esque path. We ended up on a different narrow path. The trail was very muddy but would have been much worse had the rains been stronger in the previous days. The area between Costa Rica and Panama. No entanto, fica a dica, sempre vá com um membro adulto da família, pai, tio, de preferência homem, desculpem, porém sou mulher e sei quando ficamos com menos roupa, é claro que na praia deveremos usar biquínis ou maiôs, são moças novas, eu já sou uma mulher mais madura e não conseguiria usar algo menor, porém não sou puritana, mas, devemos sempre nos resguardar. I’ve also researched it a lot, and it is even more plausible tat they died in an accident…. Governments usually don’t talk about them because of retaliation. The funny part about this trail is that you enjoy all of the trees, vines, flowers, canyons, critters, and scenes on the trail and the viewpoint is just expected to be a blanket of white cloud. It is said to be very lucky to get a clear view of Boquete from the top of the El Pianista trail, although when you do it is supposedly one of the best views in the region. Jackson admiro suas viagens, sua luta por defender a honra das meninas, é válido, não estou te condenando, porém, nós não somos detentores de toda a sabedoria, sou latino-americana também, Panamá fica na América Central, porém, temos quase o mesmo caminhar, claro que Brasil é muito diferente do Panamá, porém, conheço um pouco do perigo de alguns povos, inclusive o meu Povo. Be as confident as you can so that you seem to be a local resident. Seriously, do you really believe that someone willing to kill another human being is going to be concerned about a photograph from a camera that they can steal and destroy? However, even if there was no crime, the situation is the same: extremely dangerous for two foreigners or any women to enter a forest like this, inhabited sporadically but far from any help. The fog and the wet conditions added an element of mystery to the surroundings. THE WEEKLY #196: IT’S BEEN 4 YEARS AS A TRAVEL BLOGGER, MY TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR: WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK. Once you reach these mini-canyons you are within reach of the summit. Nice hike. Taking his picture might’ve been your saving grace though, since he knew that there was physical evidence. Otherwise known as inside the cloud and cannot see a damn thing. The trail is just 4km out of Boquete town and is a 3-4 hour out and back trail with more than 2000 feet of elevation. Not surprisingly we were completely ‘socked in’ as they say. I generally listen to advice and then make my own decisions. Die Route ist das ganze Jahr über zugänglich. Simply by doing this hike (done by many every day now) I have random dudes messaging me on facebook for details and photos. I have a new favorite type of trail. Pianista Trail Hiking trail in Palo Alto, Chiriquí (Republic of Panama). Hier kann hervorragend gewandert werden. The girls had hiked down past the summit into the continental divide. After we backtracked we found the right path. El Pianista Trail ist ein 4.9 Meilen langer, wenig besuchter Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Boquete District, Chiriquí, Panama. That picture was really eery! It is an intriguing what happened to Froon and Kremers, but anyone who’s looked at the case saw that they were not prepared for the hike they undertook, they were, sadly, an accident waiting to happen, comments on this very article has indicated that even in 2020 people can still take a wrong path…and I’ve seen and known youthful nonchalance, naivety and even arrogance, lead to disaster and near-disaster many times in my lifetime, we do not need to invoke drug cartels, to explain their deaths.. We felt like our path was leading us through an undiscovered island. It is still unsolved, do remember. Near the start of the trail, beware of dogs, I got nipped by one. You know what you are heading into. Have a male with you whenever possible. In the end there is longer elevation but other than that the hike in pretty easy. The trail leads you into a cloud forest, which essentially means at least half of the trail is … Glad you had a good time and found the right way! Beautiful photos! This trail harbors some dark secrets. It’s been a wild ride. These trails are the way folks in these kind of regions travel, there are no roads, no expressways, just trails and their feet. Luckily for us, a local walked past at that very moment and I asked him which way to go and he pointed across the stream. We had a drink break and Pema decided to take things a little to far with an outfit change (not my idea). It took us 3 hours to get to the top in dry weather. We were now in the thick of the clouds and near the summit of the trail. They are obsessed with this case and the girls and it’s honestly weird. We’re trying to tell you to be safe because we care about you, even if we don’t know you. You need to wade across the Rio Pianista after 200m, but then it’s a steady, leisurely incline for 2km before you start to climb a steeper, narrow path. I don’t think it’s fair that women are in more danger in these situations, but it’s the truth. But probably you where with more people. Needless to say, we carried on up the driveway to the right of the sign to kick off the hike. This is my Journey Era. He is in a hury because he do not want to be photographed. There is one water crossing near the start of the trail. Sorry, I’m not here to be part of the murder-drama. Some steep sections, would recommend only going during dry season. The early stages of the hike are open fields, with mountains on all sides. Answer while moving onwards but don’t give any personal info outside of your first name, or a made up name if you prefer. We don’t know what happened, but I was safe, had no issues and the people who are obsessed with this case are genuinely quite odd. Todos os Países Latinos, ou que falam língua latina, pelo menos, sei lá, parecem ser “calientes”, esquentados, você entendem. Group safety doesn’t even work a lot of times. We walked through the tunnel of vines and trees, keeping an eye out for Quetzals, snakes, howler monkeys, wildflowers and strange bugs and critters. I do a lot of walking, and I’ll tell you this, when I’m on a mountain or hill I just keep on going, if my chest is really heaving like a Sherpa on Everest, no way am I going to stop and talk…. Olá pessoal, sou do Brasil, Brasília-DF. You can read all about the investigation of  ‘The Lost Girls of Panama‘” in this article as I did the night before trekking the El Pianista. In Mexico, heads of police were left in suitcases on the doorstep of their wives and teen daughters, wives are taken for obvious reasons, never to be seen again. It’s a beautiful hike. After about 15 minutes you will have made your way to the entrance of the forest. Definitely try and do this hike on a dryer day or after a few days of smaller rains if possible. You also captured the mood and atmosphere brilliantly, especially with your post processing of the photos. I don’t know what world you live in where people walking trails up and down mountains stop off and have a chat with everyone they meet…. Why is the local at that crosspoint junction in a hury, the same experience by the other hikers! Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als moderat einzustufen. The pictures below will help you identify the driveway where the trail begins. The sides of the trail began to rise and before we knew it we were being dwarfed by the trail. The trail leads you into a cloud forest, which essentially means at least half of the trail is inside the clouds. We’ll never know what happened to Kris and Lisanne for sure, but in all likelihood, they were forced to go down that trail because they were avoiding going back to him, or, he had chased them down/lead them down and made them go into the wilderness. Look, all over central and south America, well organised drug cartels (usually drugs) operate. Don’t dress in a way that is provocative, that allows your bra or underwear to be seen or that includes shorts, ideally. What was the air like when you got to the top? There is a small junction where you will need to make a decision whether to go left or right. Normally on a hike, you hustle through the trail for the reward, which is the viewpoint. In 2014, two Dutch girls in their early 20’s made it to the summit and then went missing. It is truly a mysterical trail! Just because there is one instance of a (possible) murder on a trail doesn’t mean we need to reference mexican drug cartels. How exactly is anyone making fun of the deaths of the two dutch girls? You speak as if you know more about this case than most- why’s that? Lade den GPS-Track herunter und folge der Route auf einer Karte. Head down the stream. I’m sure there are plenty around the world but I will really be seeking them out from this point onwards. This turns the scenery into a dripping rainforest, where life is buzzing, water droplets are falling to the floor from every leaf and wildflowers and birds are plentiful. Beautiful up in the cloud forest. Don’t come off as a tourist. It is easy to get lost at some sections, so make sure to have your all trails map downloaded. Absolutely stunning photos, and loved the read. At that same moment a local came along exactly as you described in your story and disappeared as quickly downhill as he appeared. And you have to remember Occam’s Razor. I’, sorry, but you’re making an assumption. Years can pass and their names are still on the hit list. Enjoy your next cloud forest…. 3. El Pianista Trail fast became my favorite jungle adventure in Boquete with its narrow canyon-esque path. What lens did you use for that? It must have been carved out because there is a definitive trail through the earth. Thanks for your tips but I’ve been traveling the world for 4+ years now and use my intuition rather than the advice of online experts. While this is a cloud forest trail, the hike begins near the IL Pianista restaurant and begins down a massively long driveway. Almost immediately after entering the forest, we were engulfed by the lush greenery on all sides. I discovered this blog after doing my own research into the Kris Kremer/Lisanne Froon case. And what about the flowers on the cross? We ended up in the wrong side of the stream early on. I reckonised your photo. I’m Jackson, an Australian adventure traveler who has been on the road for eight years now. Wir sind den abgelegenen Trail als Paar ohne Guide gelaufen und empfehlen ihn nicht weiter! Thanks for sharing your experience. After graduating with a journalism degree, I set off to explore the world while creating adventure travel guides featuring hikes, waterfalls, beaches & adrenaline activities. Realy suspicous. We did not have a guide and got a bit lost at one point but only for 5mins. Deaktiviere deinen Werbeblocker, um eine Karte dieses Weges zu sehen, La Cascada Escondida via sendero Pipeline. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als moderat einzustufen. Whereas I do observe flora and fauna as I walk any trail, my mind is focused on the peak and the view ahead…but reading your article made me realise that -as often it is in life- the journey can be as important and as good as the destination! What’s so significant about that? Thank you for sharing. I could mention many other similar cases, but I have gone on too long. Fortunately you had someone guide you, unlike the two Dutch ladies who didn’t, otherwise we would be seeing them today with their own website journal. It’s not easy to capture fog like that- and you can really feel the scope and depth of the forest around you. I don’t think you did from your post. Their bras were found, their underwear was never found, and they’re dead. If only all the murder victims worldwide had thought to take photos of their eventual murderers, they could of saved their lives…. Are you insane? Take me to the cloud forests because I love them. I hope you enjoy this trail as it truly is amazing. These countries are great in their own right, but societally speaking, it’s night and day on gender issues. Politicians who do speak out against them do so at great cost, which includes sending their whole family away and living in constant fear. We did the hike today. Realmente você deve se precaver. - Der Trail führt unten zwischen Weiden entlang. Interested to hear what you know. A cross with flowers is nice, but doesn’t answer the question of why or how they are dead. Below is the photo, you can see both directions of the trail. After a few hours (slow photographer pace) we made it to the summit. Length 4.9 mi Elevation gain 1,998 ft Route type Out & Back Hiking Forest Views Wildlife I think anonymous is right, I’ve researched a lot and it’s very plausibke Kris and Lisanne were intercepted at that time and junction and forced to descend the other side. Think about that, all the flowers in the steel cross. Olha em todo o lugar há pessoas boas e más, isso é fato. I really got into looking for unique flowers from this part of the trail onwards as they are truly strange and look amazing in the damp conditions. Sorry you didn’t get the clear views like those two Dutch girls and other tourists did when they reached it. But, as you enjoyed all the wonders of nature on the way up, I guess the sense of ‘awe’ that is nature was already sated? We were inside it.