In this game, you are not Alice in Resident Evil; you are just an ordinary survivor in a horrible, zombie-ridden world. This task difficulty depends how good you are, because once you get the documents you also have to find a way to exit in Customs. Food Delivery … You will make contact with other survivors who you can help or exploit to your own ends. Experience a variety of zombies with different strengths and weaknesses. “Delivery From The Pain” is a strategic survival game with a fantastic storyline. Sort by. Prapor Task – Delivery from the Past. Will you find a way to escape, with or without them? best. 16 comments. Quest not complete. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. $7.99. Visit the Store Page. I got the secure container from customs map, although I did not have this quest at the time. share. Encounter a rich cast of fellow survivors each with a unique personality. The main focus of the Escape from Tarkov Delivery from the Past quest is a simple one, as players are tasked with picking up a case and dropping it off at a specific location. How to do Delivery from the past. Question. This thread is archived . Customs(세관) 지역 터미널, Tarcone 감독관의 사무실에서 secure case(.. Es währe ja halb so schlimm wenn der Customsspawn nicht mehr so eine … It’s an accumulation of communication technology, wide distribution of transportation, delivery networks, apps, and food processing that has caused this revolution. Ran into factory with only a hatchet, placed the container in an appropriate spot, ran to exit - ran through. Delivery from the Pain is a survival-themed experience game. So I am able to get the documents from Customs every now and then, but taking them into Factory I keep losing them by dying. An exciting dive into the history of food delivery. You must be at least level five to start this particular quest. Die Quest "Delivery from the past" ist unmöglich alleine zu bewältigen(Vor dem Patch kein Problem gewesen), bzw es währe ja möglich wenn man nicht die Doc´s jedesmal verlieren würde auf Factory bevor man sie geplantet hat..... bei allen anderen Quests die ich bisher spielen konnte hat man das Item nicht verloren. Is there a certain way to do this easily or do I have bad luck? Delivery From the Past NPC : Prapor 종류 : PickUp(물건 회수) 지역 : Customs(세관), Factory(공장) 시간제한 : 없음 퀘스트 내용 1. 100% Upvoted. As I understand this quest is bugged for me, but I need confirmation. You will play a survivor who must explore, fight and gather resources in a world full of zombies. level 1. Prapor's task: Delivery From the Past. save hide report. You die, you have to find documents again. 2. During your adventure you will: 1. It's seems there is also flaw/bug in task, as you can do task third part – Survive Factory, without having done first 2 parts. The advancements in food delivery is not just about the delivery.